Letting go to get the energy back

I spent the day writing. I finished several more pages in Siva’s story and got very close to the scene I’d written earlier. As much as I like what I had envisioned for the scene, I may end up redrafting it rather than trying to stitch in the earlier one. My characters have changed so much from when I wrote the first scene.

I came to this soft decision as I was blogging last night. Granted, I haven’t looked at the scene in question and I’m not sure that I want to. It might be best if I didn’t, if I just pretended like I’d lost the document I’d originally written and stayed with the energy of the writing now.

Sometimes that has to happen.

I remember when I was first writing Quest for the Three Books. I had written three beautiful chapters and I was so energized and thrilled about how it was going. Then my floppy disk crashed and my files couldn’t be recovered. I had no backup or print out (silly me!). I had to start over from scratch. At first, it was agonizing. I couldn’t capture that energy again. It went through several different incarnations. I redrafted and redrafted. I could never get back that same energy. Only when I finally released what had been and started to have fun with the story that I wanted to tell did it start to work again.

While there’s still a part of me that wishes I could have finished that original story, I am delighted with what my Sacred Knight series grew into when I allowed it to be something different than I had first intended.

After I worked on Siva’s story for a bit (any day now, a title can come to me), I switched over to Fenrir and the 4th part in my dog park story. I had started it when I went to Washington but had to get back into the story. It feels like it’s been forever. Now, I’m starting to wonder if this is going to be the last section of the story. I’m about halfway into it and I feel like I’ve just started to round a new corner. So, again, I must release what I felt was going to happen with a story and let it grow on its own. It might be it’s own full-blown novella by the time I’m done with it. And that’s okay.

Temmy wanted to be held several times while I was writing. I might have to get a sling for her so I don’t have to hold her up with one hand and type with the other. She loves being inside bags, so I think she’d find that comforting, especially if she could be against me. That little creature. She is either being busy being sassy or calm in being sweet. She is always so insistent in getting her way.

I also got some painting in today. I finished two magnets and started two ACEO’s.

I wanted to do some publishing, but I went to take nap instead. I was once again falling asleep where I sat, so I figured it was best. Of course, I did go write more after I blogged last night and even though I was tired, my brain didn’t want to shut off after writing and it took me a long while to fall asleep. It wasn’t any wonder I was tired today.

More adventures tomorrow.