Broccoli harvest

I started my day today with a bike ride.

I didn’t go far, just around a few blocks. My watch says it was just over half a mile. But that’s not the point. Me getting out and getting some exercise in while it’s cool is what I need to be doing. I keep think of Zig Ziglar saying that he’d get out and run around the block, then the next day a block and a mail box while he was getting himself in shape.

Then I watered my garden and noticed my broccoli really needed cut. If I didn’t do it, I was going to lose lots of it. So I cut. I spent this evening storing it until I can make a batch or two of soup.

Yes, I had broccoli with dinner too. There was so much of it. A paper bag from Winco full of it. Yeah.

I got to paint for a bit after dinner. Now I think I’ll go write for a few minutes before I turn in for the night. Its been a busy day, but I’ve gotten lots done. Woo hoo!