Riding with bricks

Another bike ride this morning. It was hard to make myself do it, as expected. During the whole short ride up the hill (with a total altitude change of 14 feet), I kept wondering who put bricks on me.

Then I hit the downhill stretch and felt on top of the world. Woo hoo!

My watch said it was a whole 7 minutes, nearly 8. Boy was I wiped out by the time I got back.

But, the rest of the day I’ve felt really good and had lots of energy.

I was talking to my oldest son when he came over to water today about how rotten I felt when I was dealing with the sinus infection last month. It got me to thinking about how different I felt today versus then. And I felt very thankful that I have my health.

I finished the fourth part of the current Fenrir’s Tale I’m working on and started the fifth. As I said earlier, this story keeps getting longer and longer. It’s so much fun. I love it when stories surprise me, especially when they want to keep going and don’t wrap up like I think they will. I usually have a good sense of how long a story is going to be.

I’m going to go post the story out to my Patreon now so it’ll post tomorrow.

Then, sleep until I get up tomorrow and make myself go out for another ride around a few blocks. With luck, I’ll leave the bricks home tomorrow.