Update on the daily page goal

I almost didn’t go for my ride this morning because of things that happened, but I decided to go anyway. I even added in another block. At least today didn’t feel like I had bricks in my pockets, not that it was “easy.”

In my garden, I have eggplant which are nearly ready. My tomatoes are starting to turn red. And my acorn squash is coming along.

It’s hard to believe it is already August.

I’d really hoped to finish Siva’s story by now. As it is, I am redrafting the scene rather than trying to stitch in the one I’d previously written. It was a completely different book when I originally wrote it. I read through it tonight and realized it didn’t resemble the book I have now. In fact, none of the writing I had saved in hopes of being able to use it will work with the story as it stands now. It’s best to throw out those original words and let the book be what it now wants to be.

Every book is different in how it gets written.

And I got four pages done today. It’s the first non-weekend day where I’ve hit my daily page goal in a long time. Because of how my life has changed in the last few months, I wonder if I need to go back to my weekly word goal. I’m still thinking on this. The words I threw out today are a good reason to not have that word goal.

Maybe there’s another way I can motivate myself.

I shall have to think on this for a bit. Especially since I don’t think I’ve given this daily page goal a fair shake since I started it. It worked for many writers before. But if I’m to hit my word goal, I really need to get focused.

Isn’t this exciting?