Meatloaf for a chilly day

Rain today has given a reprieve from the heat.

I went out a little after sundown and took a look at my garden. Everything is stretching upwards like little sun babies enjoying the moisture the clouds are bringing. It was beautiful.

A thunderstorm moved by last night and kept me awake a little longer than anticipated. I got some extra reading done. But it’s left me a little tired now.

In-between writing sessions today, I made a meatloaf for dinner. My son suggested hat I get a large jar of chopped garlic a while back. I put two big heaping tablespoons into the meat today. It didn’t look like much until I started kneading it in. Then I started to wonder if I would regret my decision. Oh well, I do like garlic.

But it was when I was making up the barbeque sauce to put on top when I thought I might a little over-the-top myself. I honestly thought about adding more garlic. I didn’t, only because I remembered how much had gone into the meatloaf. Seriously.

However, I wonder if jarring the garlic weakens the taste a bit. I didn’t even feel like there was any garlic in the meat. I should’ve added some to the sauce. Maybe tomorrow night.

Now I’m wishing I’d taken a picture when I took it out of the pressure cooker. Alas, I didn’t. Bummer.

I’m making broccoli cheddar soup tomorrow, so maybe I’ll remember to take a picture then.

In the meanwhile, I’m hoping for no thunderstorms tonight. Sleep is good.