Zoo pictures

I promised some photos from the zoo.

Do you know whose tongue that is in the photo above?

Is it an ape? Here’s me hanging with a gorilla.

Is it a lion? Here’s me hanging with a lion.

Okay, aside from crawling through a tunnel too, I did more than hang out at the kids’ park, I swear.

I hung out with otters too. Or I stood near the glass while they swam around in front of me. My son commented that the otters sure liked to follow me and I told him it’s because they recognize their own kind. (Grin) Otters make me so happy. I should have taken pictures o of them.

So, whose tongue is that?

Hint: he reminded me so much of Merlin that I just had to take his picture. He was sleeping so hard he never even noticed. At least the sleeping warthog flicked a ear when I teased him about sleeping on the job. It was hot, so I’m not surprised all the animals were sleeping.

Anyway, the tongue belongs to a hyena,

Yes, like this, he did remind me of Merlin. I bet they would’ve had great fun together (not). And, okay, Temmy is the one who often sticks out her tongue. But who would’ve known that hyenas also stick out their tongues when the sleep and that it could be so darned cute?