No, it’s not Sunday

I’m tired today, and worse is that I’ve been going through today as if it were Sunday.

Yep, I have to repeatedly remind myself that it’s Saturday.

It’s so bad that I closed out the writing week on my board today and started a new one. That means that tomorrow, I have to erase what I put up there today and correct last week’s page count. Not a big deal, especially since it means that I got more done than I think I did, but still an irritation.

I was hoping to paint and watch a movie tonight, but I discovered my garden was full of squash bugs when I watered it this evening, so I had to begin to take care of that before they kill plants. I downed several of them, so I’m feeling better. Then I sat out on my bench swing and listened to a couple articles until it was too dark to see and came back into the house. I suppose that since I did take a nap early today (yes, I’d only been awake for a couple hours when I had to go take a nap because I was literally falling asleep in my chair while trying to read), I could go watch something now and paint. but I just don’t know if I have the energy.

All the pets are prowling around me wondering if it’s time for their treats. Maybe they are feeling tired today too. While I napped, Temmy was asleep in my office. She didn’t even know that I had left she was so out. It also meant she wasn’t climbing around things she shouldn’t be even though I was afraid she’d wake up and realize she was unsupervised in my office.

Well, maybe another early night. I have a new book from the library to start to read tonight, so maybe I’ll turn in soon and hopefully get fully rested tonight.

Until tomorrow!