Treat time

Merlin says hi!

We spent a bit of time outside in the shade this afternoon. He was thrilled. He wanted to bark at everyone. I was giving him treats to keep him quiet and trying to get him to be a good boy while I was writing. I didn’t get much writing done.

What I did get done was part of Fenrir’s latest story. I’m now into wondering if this is going to be 6 parts. I’m headed that direction, but ,wow, is this a fun story because it’s a little strange and unusual. I thought I knew where the story was heading, but it took a left turn, then got weirder.

I didn’t fix my writing board. I might just give myself a head start on this week. I’d really like to have a successful week. I think I’ve had one since I started keeping track of page counts on my board. And that was a week which had a really low goal because I had a show.

If my laziness yesterday and today are an indicator of how this week is going to go, I might need that head start.

But Merlin’s happy. He got almost all of the treats I took outside. And he still wanted more.

He wants all of the treats and it’s not even Halloween.