Schedule – a decision to be made

I’ve been trying to get yardwork done in the mornings this week. Both front and back yards have gotten out of control.

This morning I finished the front yard. In the evening yesterday, I made headway in the back yard while I was watering the garden. I did have to stop to capture a few squash bugs. They are winning in taking out my spaghetti squash and I hope I don’t lose the plants.

Once I’m done with resetting the yards, I’m going to use this time to either write or paint in the mornings. This must happen. I’m just not having good luck in carving out time in the evenings with everything else I’m doing.

I’ve determined that I really need to set a schedule. It won’t be possible to keep it every day, but I have to get something going and if a day doesn’t work out, well, then there will be another day. But lack of structure is really showing as I fall behind.

My mind has been playing with various options. It’ll be interesting to see what I decide on. It’s just funny to watch my creative voice play with ideas and my critical voice come in and squash them all, usually with a nasty remark that I won’t be happy. Unfortunately, that dang critical voice keeps winning.

Tonight, before that critical voice could jump in, I just started painting. But it didn’t settle away without a fight. Oh, it was pretty nasty. I decided to let myself paint a few backgrounds for the heck of it rather than trying to finish anything. With the critical voice on the warpath as it was, I would ruined things rather than finished them.

Making a schedule is the only way I’m going to send the critical voice off into the corner.

But for another day or so, I have a little bit of time before I have to get something set. And I’m setting my words here so that my critical voice can’t find a way to stop me from making a decision. Now I’m accountable.

Let’s see what happens, shall we?