Eggplants and invisible smoke

I ate the first eggplant from my garden today.

My smoke detector was not happy about me baking the eggplant with olive oil and decided to go off. I happened to be holding Temmy at the time. Unlike Merlin, who goes hiding from loud noises, Temmy doesn’t get scared. I carried her with me and picked up a towel to flap the non-existent smoke away from the smoke detector. Yeah, it was being sensitive.

Unfortunately, my flapping made Temmy nervous and she tried to get away from me. But the towel slipped out of my fingers as I focused on not dropping Temmy. As I tried to take a better hold of the towel with both hands, Temmy thought the towel was attacking her and made to escape.

She pushed right out of my arms with a vengance.

I now have scratches all down my forearm from it. Poor Coville wanted me to hold him tonight after dinner (a usual ritual), but I couldn’t do it because me arms was stinging too much.

At least the welts are going down, and the eggplant was good. And the smoke detector quit being so sensitive.

At least it works!