Can I get going early?

Today has been strange. It must be Tuesday.

I woke up early and decided to get up to write. But I didn’t. I sat in bed and did some sketching for about half an hour. Then I got up, dressed, fed the pets, then went to write. I certainly didn’t get started any earlier than any other day. So much for getting up early.

Then tonight, I thought I’d make a quick dinner and write up my blog while it was cooking. I think that one of the things I need to do is get my blog done earlier that I’m used to, and I hope this will make my evenings flow a bit smoother. I thought it would start tonight.

But I decided to do up my lunch dishes so I wouldn’t have many left to wash up this evening, and then Merlin wanted to go outside. I didn’t have much time left over, so I did a little bit of writing. But, as always, Merlin wanted another trip outside after he ate his dinner and I had just finished mine. This dog is so scheduled! So I took him out.

That’s when we discovered the chihuahua in the yard. Just a young one and so sweet, but also so scared. I took Merlin and Bella inside, then worked to get the poor guy some water. He knew I wanted to help him, but he was afraid. That’s when I saw the zip tie around his throat. I’d been hoping it was a thin collar, but no.

I finally got him into Merlin’s pen and waited for animal control to show up. The little guy was so scared that he just barked and barked if I walked away. The last sight I had of him was him pressing his little nose against the barred windows of the patrol car. It just broke my heart. He was such a sweet guy and wanted to be so trusting, but it was obvious that he really didn’t know what it was like to be petted. It was hard to believe because he looked so healthy and well taken care of, except for the little things that made me wonder.

Of course, after that, I had to take Merlin out again. But this time I watered the garden and sat outside for a moment. Then I decided it was time to come in and finish up my evening, including getting my blog done. So much for early.

Maybe tomorrow?

We’ll see.


P.S. The sketch as the top of the post is one I did from scribbles at the beginning of this year. I’ve always thought it looked like Merlin when he gets excited, like when he sees a small chihuahua in the yard. Yep, it was just like that.