Whole squash? Will it cook?

I spent the afternoon, or the later part of it, writing. I feel like I’m about to finish Siva’s book and I probably have a couple thousand words or so left to it. It excites me that I’m so close to being done with this book, though I’m torn about what I’m going to go onto next. I have about three books I want to be working on and two of them are really chomping at me to write them.

It’ll be interesting to see what I pick.

I got to writing much later than I wanted because my baby bought his first car today all on his own. Well, mostly. He did come to me for advice and explanations, but other than that, it was all him. Because my own car is in for repairs, I couldn’t even drive over to help him. I think he made a wise decision. I wish I had been adulting as well as he is when I was his age. Sigh. But, my goal has always been to make my children better than me, so I think I’m succeeding.

Finishing out my day, I cooked a whole acorn squash in my pressure cooker. It was a small acorn, but I wished I had set it for 10 minutes as suggested, but I was afraid it would fall apart. So I cooked it for 8 minutes. It was still a little hard in the center, so I put it into the oven for another 15 minutes. The one I had done up with butter and brown sugar ended up drying out a bit. The half that still had the seeds in it seemed extremely easy to scoop clean and was nice and soft — it didn’t dry it out as much. This experiment has convinced me to try to cook more whole squashes. I think I’ll like doing that since it’s so hard to cut them.

I tried to paint a bit after dinner. I touched up one painting which had been finished but just needed a spot fixed since I think it got splattered with white at some point. I also painted around the edges to just clean it up. Even on these panel boards, I’m trying to get these small edges. When I saw some paintings like that this some (I think they were Simon Tate’s), it just made them look clean. I’ve been trying to get better about this small touch. Sometimes I forget, but I hope to build it into routine.

Now my pets are telling me it’s time for treats. I suppose they are right.