What’s up, WordPress?

We have many mysteries in the world.

WordPress is one such thing. Every day, I start a post and some days there is pure randomness in how my post looks before I publish it.

Some days the text is so small I can’t read it. It looks fine (I hope) when I publish it. Today, all my text is shoved to the left and my bar on the right doesn’t quite look normal. “Hello, Left Margin! Where are you?” I’ve even gone back out and started a new post. No change. Tomorrow, it will be different again.

This is truly the weirdest I’ve seen.

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know that I’ve worked with computers and done a good deal of IT work. I love software and making it do things that the developers never expected. I’ve even had tech support ask me why I’m calling because I know more about their program than they do. I love to push programs to their limits just to see what I can do with it. But WordPress is completely baffling to me. Especially when it does strange things like today. I can only hope that it looks fine when I publish it.

But, the developers, like all other developers, are ever tinkering, tinkering.

I’m all for progress, but dang, sometimes it just feels like change for change’s sake.

Do you blog on WordPress? Do you see strange things periodically? Or maybe you just have something you love that the makers keep tinkering with — what is it and why do you wish they’d stop?

I’d love to hear about it.


3 thoughts on “What’s up, WordPress?

  1. 🤔 Only those who view your blog via a web browser will see the difference.

    Whereas, those who use the WordPress Mobile App will not see any difference in the formatting.

    If you are having issues with things changing (especially if you did not change them and they were okay the day before) you should let the Happiness Engineers know what is taking place.

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