Tie a bow

Tonight, my WordPress editor looks like normal. Go figure. (grin)

What is life without a little bit of strangeness every now and again?

In other news, I started the final chapter of Siva’s book today. I need to loop back and take another look at the end of the previous chapter. I’m hoping that I didn’t show too much that I have end-of-book-itis on this one. I’m very ready to move onto the next story, even though I haven’t decided which one that’s going to be.

After I wrote that last paragraph, I had a stark memory of writing that about another book. Maybe it’s not that unusual. I’ve heard it said by other writers that once they know the ending of one story, then they are ready for the next. It’s like an amusement park ride and once you reach that last stretch and deaccelerating, you’re ready to get off and jump on the next ride.

But I must wait and tie the bow on this story. It doesn’t count if I don’t finish it.

Pull those laces so it can be done!