New release coming

The goat above was just a cute, tiny thing and he’d fallen asleep on his feet with his face in the hay. Absolutely adorable creature.

Then I was glad I could walk away.

I use to have a goat. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, but I’m glad I had it. I was also glad when I finally gave the goat away to a family that had several more goats. I’m sure my goat was happier with that arrangement.

Today was fair day and the family and I went out. We had elk burgers — yum. That is a favorite. And ice cream – I had caramel butter pecan. We walked around and saw the animals. As always, the horses were the best, although they were hot, tired, and ready to be back home instead of their temporary stalls. There was art, photography, tractors, and antiques. A typical day at the fair.

I was hoping I could get the boys to do some of the carnival rides now that they are older. Nope. Geez.

Tomorrow, the second ebook in my Stonecharmer series, Stonebreaker, comes out.