A new paranormal mystery coming

Did you hear the crash?

That was the sound of Thor’s hammer dropping.

So why did he drop his hammer? Well, because I finally got Ring of Stars up and it can be preordered on many sites now. Thor was just shocked that I got it done that he dropped Mjolnir. Let’s just hope it wasn’t on Loki’s foot.

Some of you might be wondering why I’m making all these Norse god references. Well, without giving any spoilers, the main character of this short story is Beth Mason and she is Loki’s “niece.” She will actually make an appearance in the 9th Loki novella (coming soon, for those of you that want to know!) and she is in one of the Fenrir Tales stories. Beth is the daughter of Freyr and a woman of Midgard. As a half god (kind of like Hercules), she has special advantages, but there are disadvantages too.

I do have more Beth Mason Mysteries to be written. But for now, this one will soon be available — September 20, 2022.