Pink trees

Yesterday while I was painting, I started several new ones.

Here’s one I decided to continue today.

I really liked the background of this. I have a really hard time starting on a background that I like, but I knew that I needed to continue. So I started drawing lines.

This so didn’t match what I was originally seeing with it, but heck, I made lines, so why not continue? What could I do? Mess it up more?

Landscape painting
4″x 6″ acrylic on canvas panel
©2022 Dawn Blair

I do wish I’d gone with my first instincts on the painting rather than second guessing myself, but it’s still not a bad little painting. Practice. All practice.

Here’s another painting I finished up today as well.

Landscape painting
6″x 4″ acrylic on canvas panel
©2022 Dawn Blair

I guess pink trees were in the schedule for today.