FanX 2022 – day 2

Snow White and Cinderella we’re waiting to board the tram as I got to the stop this morning. I told the woman I liked their cosplay.

As we rode into Salt Lake, we talked a bit and shared that we were vendors. I jumped off at the stop where the Starbucks is to get my coffee. You know how I am about my coffee! (Grin)

Starbucks has a line, so I decided not to wait as I had to get setup for the morning. A thought that it was okay because I had my water bottle.

Wait! What?

I realized to my horror that I’d forgotten my water bottle on the tram.

No coffee. No water. Well that set a mood for the day.

But as I walked over to the Salt Palace, I started thinking about the Disney princesses on the train. Maybe, oh maybe, one of them has seen my water bottle. Did I dare hope?

I got in and got my table set up. By this time, I just knew the princesses would have my water bottle. I decided to go find them, hoping beyond hope that this feeling was real.

I went one way toward where I thought they had said they were. I didn’t see them. I went the other direction just in case.

That’s when I saw her, Snow White hurrying down the aisle with my water bottle dangling in her fingers. It took her a moment to spot me because she wasn’t expecting to see me looking for her, but we had a good laugh together.

My damsels who saved me from distress and dehydration!

And a shout out for Lindsey’s (Snow White’s) store. She has some fantastic oil paintings, so check out her work.