Home from FanX and trying to get settled in.

My youngest son came to house sit while I was away and bought some “Creepy Catnip” treats for the cats. Apparently it was on sale with some other Halloween items. I’m not ready for it to be Halloween. The only good thing is that the colder temperatures might drive me into my recording booth more.

One of the lessons I learned from FanX was that I really need to spend more time on my audiobooks. A second lesson was that I need to spend more time on my newsletter.

All the pets lined up expectantly for their treats tonight. They were glad I was home. Apparently no one gives them treats quite like I do, though I suspect they had a good number of “Creepy Catnip” treats at times which weren’t like the time I gave them treats.

My son wanted to get ice cream for his treat tonight, but I had to nix that idea. While I was in Utah, I discovered a tooth which is either crumbling or had a filling fall out at some point. The discovery came as a shock to me, but I wonder if that was why I had a toothache and ear ache last week. It might have just been getting started. Still not sure what happened or when, but I was pretty sure I hadn’t had the issue when I’d gone to dinner that night. Anyway, that’s going to be a dentist visit next week, assuming I can get in that quickly. It’s been periodically sensitive the last few days, so I didn’t want to push it by eating ice cream, no matter how good that sounded.

I just hope this doesn’t mean another crown. Or something worse. I do hope it’s an easy fix.