Making a strange place special – part 1

The setting for my short story, Protective Mythology, is a homeowners’ association called Sun Falls. But it’s not your typical homeowners’ association.

Those who buy houses here come for different reasons. In Alice’s case, she only thought that she was the one to buy the house, but it really had to do with a Sun Wolf.

What’s a Sun Wolf?

I’m so glad you asked. They are a special breed of dogs with special powers which vary depending on their social status. They prize dandelions because the flowers look like the sun. Lower class breeds have been “humanized,” a condition which makes them similar to werewolves. Similar, but not quite. Sun Wolves, for example, don’t need a full moon to transform.

This is just one example of the special things I’ve learned about Sun Falls. I suspect there will be more discoveries about these sun wolves as I get to know this community a bit more. You can go look for more clues right now in Protective Mythology.