26 tasks

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I’ve been trying to figure out how to schedule my time to do all that I want to do. I’m still at that chore.

I’ve watched a few good videos today and some very bad ones. It’s amazing what all is out there. I shouldn’t say that all the advice was bad; it just wasn’t advice that I needed but that may have been helpful to someone else.

It’s just hard because I do so much and I want to be productive and efficient. I write out a list of all the tasks for me to do what I do. There are only 26 items on that list and not all of them have to be done everyday. So what’s the deal?

I woke up this morning reminding myself that I have been doing all these tasks for years by myself. When and why did I let the critical voice latch onto the “you can’t do everything yourself” chant? Or even the “you must focus on one thing” belief?

I swear, I do hate it when the critical voice tries to take care of me.

But knowing that it’s my critical voice standing in my way doesn’t stop me from being lazy with my time and stressing about all the wrong things.

And, as usual, I know the answer is to focus and take action. But believing there is so much to do (26 tasks – not all of which I have to do now!) is paralyzing. What do I work on now?

Yeah, this is sad and wrong.

But, I did just have a task that needs done pop into my mind. I think I’ll go schedule it for tomorrow. Maybe it’ll get done and I’ll have my start. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?