Making a strange place special – part 2

What is a “landlore”?

Sounds like of mysterious, right? I thought so too, so I had to go investigate.

In fact, the prospect of discovering who or what this landlore was is what drew me into my Sun Falls stories. The name seemed normal enough: Jane Alexander. But did you know that when I happened upon seeing her name on the little mailbox outside of her quaint Victorian style house, I realized that she was actually the third Alexander I was writing about?

True story.

At the time I was working on this, I had finished Alexander’s Den. He was my first Alexander.

I was also working on another story in my ninja series. It hasn’t been published as of yet, but my main character is another Alexander.

And then there was Jane.

She is as special as the Alexander in Alexander’s Den. She has a rare magic that is of the land and comes through the land. It echoes of ancient times and tales of lost peoples and places. While I’ve only gotten to know her just a little, I know that I haven’t even scratched the surface to understand her yet. But I know she possesses skills and abilities that I only dream about.

So amazing considering that she’s got a very small stature and white hair. She’s easily mistaken by someone in the outside world as someone’s kindly grandmother. I suspect that is exactly what she wants everyone to believe. Yet, she guards her homeowners’ community as if they all are her grandchildren. After all, she is the landlore.

Meet Jane Alexander now.

Somehow, I suspect it would be terrifying to be on the wrong side of her. Most frightening indeed. I wonder what will happen to let me see that side of her.

Did you feel that chill?

That is a story drawing closer.