Six, seven, eight

Guess what’s coming out soon!

Okay, that’s not fair. There’s no way you could guess. (grin)

I finished recording the audio for 1-800-IceBaby today. There’s still a lot of work to do, so please hold your excitement. I’m only on chapter 3 of editing the audio and I just started that this morning. But, getting the audio recorded is at least the beginning.

I am hoping I can get it finished up and out by the end of the year. I’ll keep you posted.

This means that next weekend I can start recording Help Wanted, Call Loki. It’s very important to me that I move forward with this. Then, back to the longer novels.

I still have to complete my Inktober sketch where the prompt is “scurry.” I think I’ll draw a picture of me trying to get my blog done since I’m always scurrying to get it done. (grin). But my son and girlfriend took me on a bike ride this morning (our almost regular “bike to breakfast” routine) and I logged over 6 miles, but my workout wasn’t running for a good 2-3 miles of it, so it might have been longer. I hope the lady in the silver car who snickered at me when I decided to get off and walk my bike across the busy road rather than riding enjoyed her extra sit at the stop light. I can’t wait for the day that she has a child who wants to be out riding their bike and she has to worry about him getting hit by a car. Oooh, was that me being a little bitter? As Loki would say, “Damn straight.” Anyway, I’m a little tired from that ride this morning and I’m looking forward to sleep. That means time for me to scurry off.