Oh, the fairies

I met a new fairy today. She was trying to get her friends organized but they were working in a very rare and unusual way. The fairy was glad that I could explain the situation to her in a way that made her understand it better.

Words are magical. (Grin)

Then, I made a surprise stop to visit another fairy friend who I knew was along the way. She had more questions for me too.

These fairies made me smile.

Then I grabbed my son for dinner. Let’s just say that I wish it had been made by leprechauns rather than gnomes. The gnomes don’t like to flavor their food like other magical creatures do. Or at least not this mail tonight.

Then I thought to go and play mermaid. All was good until an ice nymph touched the water and I had to flee from the sudden chill. But, I met a knight who shared his hot spring with me and shared good conversation.

Now I hope the sandman visits me tonight for I didn’t feel much of his presence last night. Since I’m all warm and comfy, I feel like I could sleep well with only his merest touch.