Close space

I bought a palace today that I didn’t need.

Legos got me again.

I also got a baby wrap to try with Temmy, and after watching a video about how to tie a similar wrap for a pet, I tried it with her. The first time, she was confused and wanted away. Completely understandable. The second time, she wasn’t ready to settle down and wanted to play. Then she sat in my office window for a bit and got sleep. After that, she was ready to cuddle.

This was from the third time we tried it. She had just relaxed and settled in. She also realized that she still had a view out the window. Temmy got in a short nap after this picture while I continued to type while she snored. Then she woke up and was ready to go play some more, so she crawled out and I helped her jump down. I think that in the end, she decided it wasn’t too bad. Later in the evening, she even sat down by where I had placed the folded wrap.

I guess we’ll see how she accepts it tomorrow while I’m writing and she comes to snuggle.

The picture above is the moon this evening with Jupiter nearby. It’s amazing how bright Jupiter is. I just love looking up at space. So many unknown adventures out there.