Turn of the seasons

I walked among the plants of my garden today and took another harvest of broccoli. My poor garden has been neglected for the last month, so I had to get in there and pull some weeds.

That was the most active I got today, save for the hour and a half of audio editing I did first thing this morning. I guess I did some meal prepping for tomorrow too while I was making food today. I also got in an unexpected nap. That’s all Coville’s fault. He knows if he sits down on my chest, I’ll fall asleep.

I guess after all the adventures I had last week, I might have needed the sleep. But I feel like I’ve had a week off of creativity and I hope I can jump back on tomorrow. Someday I’ll be able to have a steady daily structure. I keep hoping.

The weather is getting colder. I imagine I’ll have to pull up my garden soon. After that, I’ll spend more time being creative again. Such are the seasons. I should have pulled out my spaghetti squash plants today, but I’m just not quite ready. Soon, my tomatoes will be done too.

Leaves are also appearing scattered on my lawn, showing the trees already changing colors. So much for having a long fall. I’m just not ready for winter so soon. Guess the weather doesn’t care what I want. (grin)