Cooking with what?

It’s been a long while since I cooked with tofu.

I purchased some today. I couldn’t find the one I wanted at the store and ended up with some that wasn’t the silken like I wanted — since I couldn’t find any of the silken. Turns out that the type I bought won’t work in what I was planning on using it for. So, I started looking at other ideas.

I’m thinking about a baked tofu that I can add to some coconut rice. I think I also have a jar of some sort of curry sauce which I usually mix with chicken and pour over angel hair spaghetti. Both options sound delightful.

I’ve also been thinking about this chocolate tofu pie I used to make. My boys loved it. I’ll have to find that recipe, though I’m certain it also takes the silken tofu that I need. Guess I’ll have to get back out to a store soon.

There was also this French toast recipe that I made nearly every Sunday. Yeah, that one will have to come back out too.

I never imagined myself cooking with tofu, but I’m glad I learned. Now, if only I could make a good egg Pad Thai with soft tofu like I love to get at one of the Thai restaurants in town. Now, that would be fantastic.

However, I enjoy going there, so maybe that wouldn’t be such a good idea. I’ll keep it as an adventure.