Morning routine

No, this isn’t some high-achiever’s “you’ve got to do this in the morning if you want to succeed” post. I find most of those completely unrealistic for my life anyway. I’ve come to see that it takes me a good half an hour to reach wakefulness, and that my circadian rhythms are strong these days. If it’s still dark outside, it is so hard to wake up.

Nope, this post is something different.

I’ve been working on audio in the morning, editing on my computer before I even get out of bed. It’s probably not the best way to do it, certainly not for hours a day over a long term, but I only spend 15-30 minutes working before I get up.

What has surprised me was how quickly the pets resumed their schedule which hasn’t been happening for over a year because I’d been trying to be better about not working in bed. But, I saw that I wasn’t getting anything done and had to resume my prior habits. Well, so did Merlin and Coville.

Merlin likes to go under the blankets and lay along the length of my leg. He bumps against my laptop until he gets settled. Coville takes the other side, but doesn’t like to get under the blanket except on rare occasions. Needless to say, I’m nuzzled in. Sometimes its hard to get them up once they get comfortable.

Once again, it’s becoming my cozy morning routine. It feels good to be moving forward on audio again.