Merlin’s chariot

Merlin has a new ride. It’s a Doggiehut stroller/bike trailer.

I put it together yesterday and then put Merlin in. I went to put on my shoes, forgetting what a determined dog he could be sometimes, and he stuck his head through the fabric of the back, ripping it down by the zipper. Dang.

But we still went for a very frustrating walk around the block. He wanted to walk, so he kept jumping out. Because there’s an inside leash, he couldn’t quite get all the way out. Yeah, it wasn’t very fun. Still, I think he was starting to understand by the time we finished the block.

We tried again today. This time, I noticed that I could shorten the interior leash, which kept him inside. I also discovered that I could latch it to the side of his harness, which keeps him turned the way I want him. We walked down to the park. When we encountered other dogs, he started barking and wanted to get out. Treats helped to distract him.

I let him out to walk around the park and he enjoyed that. Then I got him back in and we headed home. Here’s happy Merlin when we got done at the park.

On the way home, we passed someone walking on the sidewalk and Merlin didn’t even bark. If I could get him to stop barking with all his “friends” in the neighborhood, it might even be pleasant to walk with him. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

This trailer glides smoothly along, even over broken sidewalk and gravel. I won’t say it doesn’t feel any bumps, but it handles most of them well. It almost makes me wish that I was a jogger, because I think that as a stroller, this would be amazing to run with.

I do have some things I’d redesign about this trailer if I were building it. Some things made me shake my head and wonder why it was crafted this way. For the most part, the trailer is well thought out and sturdy. It folds pretty flat and removing the wheels, which is easy to do, makes it even smaller.

I’m anxious to try this on my bike. I’d like to take more bike rides and travel along with my little buddy. However, he’d going to have to learn to stay in the trailer. I can’t have him abandoning ship because he sees a squirrel. I’ve got more work to do with him before I try it on my bike.

At 11 years old, he does still love to get outside to run and walk, but he starts to slow down with distance due to arthritis in his legs. With the cold coming on, I know it’ll get worse. At least with this, I’ll be able to take him on nicer days for a short walk about and not have to worry about him getting worn out and wanting me to carry him back. He weights somewhere around 20 pounds, but it feels like 60 when I’m carrying him. Especially with those bony legs.

But now, he has a chariot which will carry him. Hopefully far and on many adventures with me.