Quick update on Merlin

I’ve spent my evening getting caught on up some things I didn’t get done this weekend while taking care of Merlin. He’s still a sick boy and I’m hoping the vet has an answer for us tomorrow. Although, as per usual, I think Merlin is starting to recover. He’s been acting more like himself this evening, but he feels like he’s still running a fever. We’ll see how tonight actually goes.

The picture above reminds me that it’s going to be time to turn on the heater soon. I’m in denial. La, la, la. I don’t know this winter you speak of. I don’t feel like we had a summer. We had winter, spring maybe, still cold, yep still cold and now wet, hot, hotter, hot, tepid, maybe fall, oh there goes the temperatures, and now we’re at it’s nice if you stand in the sun. I think we’re rapidly moving back to freezing my bootie off. Of course, that’s anything under 58 degrees.

Maybe Merlin will be feeling better and wanting to curl up beneath the blankets with me.