Five designs, no decision, and weeds

I worked on the cover for the 9th Loki adventure last night and asked my youngest son for his opinion. I’m glad I did because what he came back to me with was unexpected and made me realize that I need to keep this cover for the next one.

Brilliant! I haven’t even started writing it yet. Only the germ of an idea. Yet, I have the cover.

And more so, it’s back to the drawing board for this book’s cover. Bloody brilliant!

I’ve been working on that tonight. Now I have one cover which mirrors Help Wanted, Call Loki very nicely. It’s clean, but I was kind of wanting something different because this is a different kind of book from the rest of the series so far. So, I have another one and it is also clean, but I just don’t love it. Then there is a third idea which looks good, but it is more complicated and I think too busy for the eye.

I’ve decided to wait until tomorrow and look at them again. It might be easier to make a decision earlier in the evening when I haven’t been playing around with compositions.

I also got out to the garden today. It looks barren and was kind of sad. I know it’s a good thing I’ve pulled up the plants, but it just makes the ground look lonely. But, now I can get to the weeds. My shovel and I went to work with them. I think two years of actively yanking out the weeds has done a good job of clearing it out. I’d love to till it before the ground hardens this winter and then cover it with a tarp, but I don’t know if I’ll get that far, especially since I still have some plants in the ground.

I’ve moved my strawberry plant next to the house. It will move inside within the next few days. I don’t know why I always try to grow something inside over the winter. It never works out well, yet I keep trying.

Ever the hopeful optimist. (grin)