Drove to Boise and back today. I was hoping to see some friends along the way, but they couldn’t make the event.

I did gain my son along the way. We went to dinner at Big Jud’s. It’s a burger joint near the college. I’ve heard about it from a couple people but never gone until tonight. Glad I did. It was good. Especially the chocolate shake. My son has a huckleberry one. I’m not big on fruit and ice cream. It used to be fruit and dairy together, but I’m coming along. But his shake was good and I wished I’d ordered one. Kind of like the time he ordered the peach shake from Chick-fil-a. Yeah, maybe I’m slowly coming around to fruit and ice cream too.

Anyway, I’m tired now and I’m actually writing this in bed. I’d nearly forgotten, but still trying to keep the streak going.