Making do

I am now officially halfway done with the audio editing on the 6th Loki novella.

I’m hoping that in the future, my time with editing will get faster. My son and I were taking yesterday about something that his dentist had said to him and it got me to wondering if I had a similar issue — heredity being what it is and all — so I got to researching. That always sends me on a quest. A quest, it seems, that always inevitably fails because where I live is still a little “back water.”


Five years from now, I’ll find what I want in every store.

Oh well, I do have other options to try. Plus, I didn’t come up entirely empty handed. There are some alternatives that I can try for now. I’ll make do for now with those and give them a try. There’s always online ordering if that fails.

The drive and searches at several stores gave my son and I some time to just hang together. We ran into my other son and his girlfriend at the store, so visited quickly. We’ll see each other again tomorrow.

We got some things cleaned around the house today as well, got the heater running for the winter, and harvested the eggplant since it’s going to freeze tonight. It’s been a busy day, again.

Have I mentioned I’m not ready for winter? Yep, still not ready.

No one asked me though.

Guess I’ll make do.