Cover progress

While my son was here, he took a look at what I had going on the new mockup covers for the 9th Loki novella. As always, he was brilliant at spotting what needed to be done. There was one cover I really liked because it gave the feel of the gumshoe detective, but it didn’t really make me happy. He came in and said, “Try this.” I did a quick mockup of that and it worked well. Granted, it was only an attempt, but at least it points me in the right direction.

Soon, I’ll get getting the audiobook cover together for 1-800-IceBaby. Audiobook covers come together pretty quickly, generally. Sometimes I have a few issues with them, but generally it’s not bad.

I also started recording Help Wanted, Call Loki today. I got through the first two chapters. Only 14 more to go. Wow. I hope I wrote short chapters on this one.

I have a special announcement about a new benefit coming out very shortly on my Patreon page for supporters on the Loki Love and Everything tiers.