Everyone’s being weird

I woke this morning thinking about habits. I even implemented a new one into my routine.

Well, I shouldn’t say that it’s new to me exactly, but it’s one I haven’t done for a while. It just seemed right to restart it this morning. Actually after thinking about it, there was one new habit I did start. Just not the one that came to mind first.

After that, I spent the day tracking my habits, including the restarted and the new ones.

But I wonder if I’ve been acting strangely, and if my pets have noticed it. Both Merlin and Temmy have been acting strangely tonight. Merlin got all anxious to go outside just a few minutes after I had taken him out. When I got him out, he ran to the side of the house, took a look around the corner, then he wanted to head back in. He spent a couple of minutes running up and down the sidewalk, sniffing at the door and then running away, turning around and going back. He kept sniffing the air. Then, when he was inside, he kept running around my painting area as if he were trying to track down the scent of something that smelled good to eat, but he couldn’t find it. Now, he’s hiding away. Temmy is just having zoomies, except I thought she’d outgrown them. She’s dashed across the kitchen and jumped up the wall trying to get to my keys a couple of times. She was such a spaz.

Well, Merlin just came out saying that it was treat time. Guess we’re back to our normal routine.