A reminder for me to not oversleep

I tried to read last night, but was very tired. I let myself sleep in this morning, running strange dreams through my head before Merlin pounced on me to insist that I get up. He was right. I had slept too long, and I knew it the moment the headache hit.

I know better than to let myself oversleep these days.

Once I got up, I made myself a good breakfast — surprised myself even.

But then I spent the rest of the day reading. Well, except for the time I had to go out to the store to get cat food. I took Merlin with me and we stopped to get ice cream cones. Merlin loves his little puppy cones. He wags his tail so excitedly. What a dog.

By afternoon, my headache had faded.

It doesn’t mean I got anything done. But, at least I was able to work on a few ideas. Plus read.

How does a day get better than that?