Risks and reps

I have to start today’s post with a video that spoke to me today. It is from Chuck Black’s YouTube about getting better at drawing and painting. Even thought it has been something I’ve been telling myself a lot lately, I like the way he frames it. I had to start it at the 3 minute mark (where he really gets going into this topic) several times. I have a friend that says that when something resonates with you, you should read/watch it 3 times: once for the head, then the heart, then for the soul. I’m dense. I might need it a few more times than that, maybe daily for a month.

Anyway, I got to painting this morning. I finished the larger painting (though it’s not very large) today.

Landscape painting
8″x 10″ acrylic on Bristol board
©2022 Dawn Blair

I took this picture while it was still taped down and drying. Once I removed the tape, I was amazed at how nice it looked. And the tape pulled off the Bristol perfectly. I still have a few things to work out with working on Bristol at this size, but I’m looking forward to several possibilities.

I also finished one of the ACEO’s I started yesterday. I did take a big risk with it. Once I was “finished” with it, I thought it might look very cool with a small waterfall running through it, as if the runoff was slowing to a stop for the coming winter. But, I was scared of messing it up. So I took a photo of it first.

Doesn’t that just look like it needs some water trickling through it?

So, I took the risk and put the water in.

Waterfall ACEO
3.5″x 2.5″ acrylic on Bristol board
©2022 Dawn Blair

It even looks a little icy. Who knows? Maybe it has frozen over.

I also got over 1,000 words written in between painting and recording sessions today. And, of course, while making dinner. My writing laptop must think that it lives on the stove. I think I get a lot of words done while standing up at the stove. Overall, I do think these short sessions make me more productive.

Oh, and the scene I wrote yesterday stayed in. I turned on Pandora and found a “drumming” station. During the very first song, as I was walking from turning on Pandora to my kitchen (where yes, my laptop sat on the stove), the scene that would unfold because of my scene last night blossomed in my head. I had to skip down a few lines to record it while it was flowing. Good thing too, because I didn’t even get to where that scene needs to start today. I’m still about two scenes before. I suspect that this new scene will actually be in the next chapter.

Tomorrow probably won’t be as productive. I’m having bike-to-breakfast as normal, then some shopping. When I get home, I need to focus on publishing tasks. I also need to rake leaves and get a little more yardwork done. It’s the last nice day we’ll have for a bit, so I need to get things done.

But somewhere in there, I will find time to be creative. As Chuck Black says in that video I mentioned above, I’ve got to “put in the reps.”


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  1. As someone who’s learning to draw, your post and Chuck’s vid were right up my alley! I have an equivalent I’ve learned from jiu-jitsu, and that’s you just gotta put in the time on the mats. There’s no other way around it. Keeping it that simple makes almost any other pursuit more fun to chase.

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