Yard work took it out of me

My son tells me that we rode 10 miles today. It certainly didn’t feel like it. Not until I was tired on the way home.

I knew today was going to be the last nice-ish day for a while, so I made myself get out and rake leaves. There are still leaves on my trees, so I knew I didn’t need to do a perfect job, just pick up the bulk and clear the gutters. I learned my lesson last year after the snow. The water packed up on the leaves because the street sweeper hadn’t gone down our street in a while and it created a big mess. So, I decided to make sure I wouldn’t have that problem this year. I hope. That doesn’t mean my neighbors will keep their part of the gutters clean. I’m not the only one with trees in the neighborhood. (Okay, rant over)

Anyway, I packed up 14 bags of leaves. I think I had 12 or 13 last year. (1 from the road this year)

I packed up tools and a free things that have been lying around. I took hoses off, coiled them up, and put them away. And I wrapped the outdoor faucet. Took me just a little over 3 hours.

I took the above picture as I was finishing up in the front yard tonight right before the sun went down. All the orange is from the sunset. But, you’ll notice that a lot of the trees still have leaves on them. It’s not just mine. The temperature might be dropping, but the plants aren’t ready for winter yet either.

Then, I got everyone fed and sat down to watch some tv. I even wrapped up in a blanket for a bit. I’ve been cold ever since I came in. I really think it’s because I’m sore that I feel so cold. It only got a little cold during the last little bit that I was out there. It was in the 50’s when I started and maybe down to 48 when I came in, so it makes no sense that I’m cold other than my body is exhausted and stiff.

So, none of the publishing tasks got done today. Guess there is always tomorrow.

Maybe next year I’ll be smart enough to hire someone to come deal with the leaves. we shall see, won’t we? (Grin)