Sorry, it’s filler

Sorry but tonight is a filler blog.

I haven’t slept well in two nights and I’ve had a hard time concentrating today. I did manage to write almost a 1,000 words today, but now I’m done. I just don’t have the ability to write anything else or (more importantly) come up with something to write about.

Well, unless I wanted to write about Coville playing like a kitten today. That was kind of fun to watch. Both Temmy and I stood in the kitchen as Coville jumped around playing with one of Temmy’s springs. I picked her up and carried her back into the other room with me so she’d leave him alone. I don’t think the played with it any longer after sensing that we were there. He doesn’t like to be caught.

But, as you see, that’s one simple paragraph.

But, I guess I made this post a little more than filler. (grin)