When dishes need washed

I started looking for a portable dishwasher today.

I have one, but I think I’ve had it for about 10 years and I’m not sure it’s working real well these days. It was used and passed on to me when I got it. I love that I can roll it around and that it has a countertop like a cutting board.

I guess I need to stick my fingers beneath the outlet hose as it drains sometime to see if, as I suspect, that it’s not heating up the water very hot any more. I’d hate to get rid of it if it’s still doing it’s job.

Granted, I do pre-scrub my dishes. People I know say that I’m strange, that the point of having a dishwasher is to let it wash the dishes. Yes, probably, but I’ve been trying to make this last (and it has). I don’t know very many old people who don’t like a little help now and then. That’s how I treat my dishwasher too.

Since I distracted myself for a bit with that quest, I am a little behind on my words for today. Not badly though. I think I have about 400 more to go. If I hurry, I might actually have a moment to paint too, although I am leaning toward sketching right now. We’ll see what happens.