Root your life in passion

The above quote which is the title of this blog comes from Danny Gregory.

Earlier today, I had many things I wanted to share. Now, I’m feeling a little downtrodden. I think, perhaps, that I need to digest some of the work I did today.

Or, maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow and discover that today was only a waste.

I’m hoping that it was actually good.

I’m hoping that it was me planting the seed which will take root and begin a life of creative fun. I hesitate to say “passion” here because of its origins with suffering and being affected by external sources. Art already has enough angst and need for outside validation associated with it that I personally need no more of it. But creative fun and enjoyment is definitely something I would like.

As such, I’m not going to share now. I need a moment to sit with all I did today. It actually made me quite tired.

Tomorrow is another day.

May it be a productive one.