Two covers done


Today, I finished the cover for the 9th Loki novella. Sorry, I can’t show it here yet. That privilege must go first to my Patreon for the support that has been provided to me. Soon afterward, though, I’ll show it here.

I am very excited about how it turned out. It was hard not to shout its presence to the world. I’m not very good at being calm and patient. Particularly the patient part.

But, that means I’m one step closer with it’s release.

The other thing I did today was the cover for the audiobook for 1-800-IceBaby. The audio is not quite finished yet. I figure I still have another 2 weeks of audio editing to do before I can upload it. Then it takes time for the platforms to get it out to distribution. (see below for information if you just don’t want to wait!)

Since that is just a mimic of the book cover, that I can show here:

I did make a couple minor changes aside from the overall composition from a rectangle to a square, but for the most part it’s pretty much the same. A challenge, certainly. Someday I’d like to think that Adobe and I will get along. I’m just not sure when that day will come.

I promised above that I’d have more information about the audiobook if you didn’t want to wait for it to come out. Well, here it is. Firstly, you can get it early by becoming a Patron on Patreon at the Loki Love level. But wait, there’s more. Become a Patron now and you will also get the ebook for the 9th novella before it comes out anywhere else. Say it’s not so. Well, yes, it is!!! Plus, if you join now and you reside in the U.S., I have a special treats which I hope to have out soon and they will ship to your door. Not to mention those early cover previews, access to Fenrir’s Tales, early release of ebooks for my Beth Mason Mysteries as well as Loki Adventures. I’ve got things in the works for Fenrir’s Tales too, and as a Patron, you get these special goodies.

If subscribing to Patreon really isn’t your thing, that’s fine too. Audiobooks will soon be available to order from my website as well as on Gumroad. This is still in the works and I want to see how audiobooks ship out to my Patron first. But, I’m hoping it all goes well.

I’ve also got the first 4 chapters of Help Wanted, Call Loki recorded and ready to edit. It would be spectacular to catch up so that I could release book and audiobook very close together, but that’s not going to happen yet.

And then to do all the other books in audio. So much to do. Support on Patreon really does help.