Blasé planning and bite-sized segments

I wanted to write about the planning I’d been doing on Friday, but that seems to not be happening today.

When I looked at the notes I took, the ones I’d spent all afternoon writing, it all felt so blasé. I sat there staring at some of my notes wondering why I had taken them. Was it really just all a waste of time?

No, some of it was helpful.

Temmy (pictured above with my whiteboard) had fun.

The trigger that started my planning was necessary. I had to take notes and do some work. I needed to see it visually. That was all very helpful. It gives me a business plan for 2023 for my painting, and an objective to work towards over the next few months.

The rest, it was more like a pep talk that I must have needed at the moment, but that if I had stopped to think about it I would have realized that I didn’t need it and I was wasting my time.

The quote I shared on Friday as the title of the blog was all that I really needed to know. Well, and maybe find some more inspiration behind that.

I certainly didn’t have any trouble sitting down today to paint. I also got in a good amount of words. All by breaking it down to bite-sized segments. I watched another class about that today (kind of stumbled into it among a whole bunch of other classes I have), and saw that I was on the right path. There is still a little more I must consider, especially to stay focused through the year.

Well, Monday’s start early and I keep telling myself I need to be better about my Sunday nights, so I’m off now.