Winding down

Tonight I have a case of bedtime procrastination. Who knew that was a thing?

Bedtime procrastination — when you know you should go to bed, but resist it. Yep, that’s me.

One would think the Earl Grey Lavender tea I had tonight (yes, me, tea — it must be a strange night) would have made me a little sleepy. I’m relaxed, yes, and oh yes, a bit sleepy. But not tired enough to do actually go to sleep.

Which, considering how late I’m getting this blog done, is probably a good thing.

Okay, I’m probably kidding myself. Surely I’m more tired than I believe I am. And I know that tomorrow I must start wrangling things together for the show this weekend. I’m not certain I’m ready and I wish I had more done. That’s a bit frustrating. So, I might be avoiding letting tomorrow come.

Merlin is also not feeling well again and I’ve had to take him outside several extra times today. Maybe I don’t want to get comfortable only to have him drag me up again. If I head to bed late, then there’s a shorter time until morning and maybe Merlin will be able to make it. (I’m not counting on it.)

Or maybe I’m wanting more time to watch tv and be entertained.

Who knows? There could be several reasons.

But now I find myself winding down finally.

Time to round it in.