I woke this morning with an old project on my mind.

As I was thinking about a direction I could take with it, it got my braining thinking about business. Once I was on that tangent, I was off. I spent a lot of the day thinking about the structure of everything I have going on.

This has brought up a lot of critical voice to yap at me.

Worse, I could feel myself getting into a rush and that’s not a way to build a business. That’s building a castle of impossible dreams virtually guaranteed to cave to disappointment.

I finally stepped away and did my bookkeeping for yesterday’s show. That will give me real numbers, not wishful thinking. It’s very easy to start looking at numbers, do some simple division and multiplication, and say, “Well, if this happens, then woo hoo!” It’s great to be inspired. It’s another thing to hang your life on a statement like, “…if this happens….” That’s typically not the sort of thing that is within one’s control.

I must return to things I can actually control, and that is slow, consistent work on my projects. I keep reminding myself that it has to be this way. There is no other way. All the progress I have made has been built on this. I can’t stop now just because I’m getting tired of the slog.

And don’t doubt me. I am tired.

I have to keep reminding myself that while it seems like I’ve been at this my entire life, I have only been giving a solid push for 6 years now. That’s how long it takes to get a master’s degree. Everything says I have to keep going, keep building, keep learning.