As I was waking this morning, I turned my focus to the spreadsheet I want to build. I had stayed up late (far too late) last night working on a basic frame. I kept going until I ran into my first problem and knew it was going to take some work to correct that issue.

Yes, I did realize that it was late and I really needed to get to bed. I’m really proud of myself for exhibiting some self-care instead of convincing myself that it would only take a moment and diving in to tackle the problem.

So lay in bed gently thinking about the spreadsheet, all of a sudden my brain says, “DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE MAKING ME DO?” Yep, it screamed just like that and brought me fully awake as it spilled out all its terror of having to write very complicated formulas and how I was not thinking through all of the room that it would need to make these calculations.

I suddenly had an image of Eclipse in The Doorway Prince when he was struggling to get the answers he needed and the calculations were mocking him. LOL! Yep, me and Eclipse. Who says life doesn’t imitate art?

I wonder if my brain is now willing to negotiate. Maybe it will be more willing to come up with small, exciting challenges and I continue to use the spreadsheets I’m already using. Okay, there are some of them I’d like to tinker with some more, but it would be easier than building them from scratch.

I didn’t have much time to think about this since I have been getting ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow. My son came home and we’ll probably watch a movie (and possibly a parade), and then have our typical Cornish game hens. We have done those for Thanksgiving for many years, since the time when my oven went out before Thanksgiving and I couldn’t cook a turkey, but I could do Cornish game hens in my little toaster oven. It became a tradition for us after that and I like not having to worry about cooking a turkey all day long. This way, I get more family time.

So, to my U.S. readers, Happy Thanksgiving. To everyone else, I thank you for being here and reading my blog.