Look at the time

A quick post written on my phone tonight.

It was a good show day. I also got in some writing.

I came home and my son and I made a shepherd’s pie with leftover mashed potatoes- we’d had that planned from the start. He did most of the cooking and I helped a little and took care of the animals, which was nice after adding on my feet most of the day.

Then we watched Enola Holmes 2. Yes, resting and watching a movie after a show is probably something I need to do more of. Maybe I do, but I always feel like I keep running to get more work finished up in-between show days and only stop to rest on the last day.

Anyway, I’m a bit sore right now, more than I think I should be. I wonder if a storm is coming in. But it could be from carrying boxes up the stairs. Fortunately, my boys did most of the heavy lifting. Except for the book box which I helped Adrian carry up. I turned around and carried my half of the box behind me so I could walk forward up the stairs. When we got to the top, we set the box down, but I couldn’t get my fingers uncurled from under the lips of it and ended up sitting down in the box to slide my fingers out. My other son laughed at me and told me I’d found a nice seat.

Shortly after that, he told me that he’d been helping with shows for nearly 20 years and thought that he deserved a break. (Grin) I should have told him that that was what college was, but I was so stunned to realize that he was right. What an adventure it has been.

And this one continues tomorrow from 9 a.m to 3 p.m.