Letting good come of fog brain

I’ve been working on the Loki novella and getting it setup for pre-order. I didn’t get as far as I wanted, but… baby steps.

I don’t know what happened (though I have my suspicions), but sometime this summer I dropped my brain into a fog. Maybe it was part of what Dean Wesley Smith calls “The Time of Great Forgetting.” I think it might have been a bit more than that in my case, but overwhelm, stress, frustration, and high blood pressure ground me down to a state where I lost sensation, ambition, and caring.

I’ve never experienced a creative burnout quite like this. I knew that I needed to change my mindset again. Yep, again. As you probably have glimpsed from my blog, I knew that I needed to do it differently this time. I’ve been trying not to push myself though. Gentle. Gentle.

Over the last few days, a lot of stories I’ve finished but have yet to publish have been popping into my mind. It’s made me feel very behind. And I have another which I need to finish up in order to get to my first reader. Definite focus issues lately. I feel myself re-tuning in. Slowly.

This morning, I was thinking about my artistic influences too. That also helped me to focus in on my art a bit. It was quite eye-opening.

What I’m trying not to do is get into a rush. That way lies insanity. I know. I’ve run that track too many times (how many times have I worked at changing my mindset?_. I need new ground and I’m attempting to redirect by building new habits. I need everything to change. I can’t keep doing the same think I’ve done for years. I need to be consistent, to keep learning, and keep having fun. That way, no matter what happens, I’ll never say it was a waste of time. It’s better than driving myself crazy.

Along that line of starting new habits, I also watched another good video and I thought I’d share. It’s from Danny Gregory’s Sketchbook Skool: https://youtu.be/fR07wJJIBwI

Baby steps, to a new rhythm, one that doesn’t overwhelm or burn me out. That’s the dream.