Got a name?

I realized earlier today that I had left something very important out of the file for Dressed to the 9’s. It’s fixed now and no one will ever know except me.

However, it got me thinking about another aspect of the book. I’ve been working on an ultra secret (sounds wicked, doesn’t it?) project. I’ve been experimenting with things in regards to this project. No, I’m not going to say what it is yet. What part of “ultra secret” aren’t you getting? (grin!) But now it’s time to quit thinking about it and start implementing. I’m just not sure I have the right thing.

You see, it surrounds a business that Loki will own. (Yes, that’s all I’m going to say about it.) I need a name for this business. I stuck one in as a placeholder and I hate it when I do that while writing. I like it to be done. And this name isn’t horrible, but I just don’t know if it fits. It’s going to be something I’ve got to live with for a few books at least.

So, for now, I’m on a search for a name and my time grows short. Someway, somehow, I’m certain that a name will come to me.