Swollen paws

Today has been like a Monday on a Friday.

Not just for me either. Temmy got her paw stuck in one of her jangle ball toys. Boy, did it make her mad. I think she learned how to his from Bella and she practiced today. The first couple were strange, then she got the hang of it. She certainly wasn’t happy when I tried to get her paw out. It was really stuck. I had to take a wrench and break it.

When she was feeling a little better, I rubbed her paws to make sure she was okay. One of her tires was really swollen, but she was still running around and climbing all over everything as usual, so I didn’t figure it was broken. I think the massage worked some of the swelling out of it as it’s looking better tonight.

Hasn’t stopped her from being a firecracker all day either. But she’s worn me out.